How ‘Green’ is Wind Power: Offshore Wind Farms Killing Whales


One her way to be ‘saved’ by the wind industry…


Energy generation systems of all descriptions take their toll, but only one of them claims moral superiority over all others. That increasingly tenuous claim rests on the ‘we’re saving the planet’ mantra – chanted by the wind cult around the Globe.

Not for the first time, and not for the last time, wind turbine noise and vibration has clocked up Cetacean fatalities, messing with whale’s sonar guidance and communication systems: Wind Turbine Noise Terrorising Whales

Here’s how offshore wind farms in Britain are doing their bit for the environment.

Three whales wash up dead on UK coast and two are injured ‘after becoming distressed by offshore windfarm’
The Mirror
Chris Kitching and Katie Ridley
21 May 2017

The first dead whale – a calf – was spotted on a mudbank before the carcasses of two adults were found later.


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