Tasmanian Wombats Suffering from Wind Turbine Noise & Vibration


Healthy wombat: happy about living wind turbine free.


The wind industry has spent a veritable fortune generating propaganda that attacks anyone complaining about the adverse health effects caused by wind turbine noise and vibration, ridiculing them as tin-foil-hatted, climate change denying, lunatics.

For that purpose, in Australia, the wind industry enlisted a former tobacco advertising guru, who peddles a theory called ‘nocebo’, that is meant to explain away every health complaint, including chronic sleep deprivation caused by wind turbine noise, as a figment of the sufferers’ fertile imaginations.

That theory comes unstuck when the victims are from species a little lower down on the evolutionary chain.

Studies in Poland have shown that geese living within proximity of these things suffer increased cortisol levels, indicative of the stress caused by exposure to incessant turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound: Preliminary studies on the reaction of growing geese to the…

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