More Wind Turbine Self-Incinerations & 10 Tonne Blade Throws


For something that the wind industry keeps telling us is as rare as hen’s teeth, the unshackling of 10 tonne blades (euphemistically called ‘component liberation’), the total collapse of 200-300 tonne turbines and the spontaneous combustion of turbine generators (and the 1,000 litres of highly toxic gear and hydraulic oil that slosh around inside the nacelle) keep on occurring with frightening regularity: More Wind Turbine Collapses: So Common You’d Think ‘Enemy’ Forces Were Involved and BUSHFIRE RED ALERT: Wind Power Really Is Setting the World on FIRE

Here’s a couple more hen’s teeth for those who haven’t already lost count.

Blade breaks off wind turbine east of Enid
Enid News
Ryan Miller
1 June 2017

The blade broke off the turbine sometime Wednesday night, but the cause still is under investigation, McIntyre said. The investigation could take several weeks or months to resolve.

“(We will) need to go through and assess the…

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