Rocketing Power Prices Mean Australia’s Renewable Energy Target is Unsustainable and Ready to Implode


Look into my eyes, look into my eyes: your power bills
just went DOWN 20%, thanks to AGL’s subsidised wind power.


Renewables rent-seeker, AGL has launched a propaganda war in Australia’s media, since the release of Alan Finkel’s fantasyland review of Australia’s power market calamity.

Finkel’s report promised Australia’s very own Enron, among others, the opportunity to rape and pillage in a power market with an effective 42% RET, dominated by intermittent and unreliable wind and solar power.

No doubt, Andrew Vesey & Co were salivating at the prospect of Finkel’s clean energy target (CET) being snapped up by the Liberal/National Coalition government.

Alas, it wasn’t to be: hence Australia’s print and broadcast media have been blitzed with a multi-million dollar campaign launched by AGL in an attempt to con Australians into believing that the reason that their power bills are now close to the highest in the world…

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