Why are Search Engines so Hostile to Climate Realism?

Lefty Search Engines Screen Climate Realist Opinions

Watts Up With That?

A large cluster of interlinked climate alarmist web sites clutters the web.  It heavily overlaps the cluster of the leftist, international, government, and academic sites. A content-neutral ranking algorithm would identify this cluster and some sub-clusters (such as personal attack websites), and would at least diversify results for climate debate related queries with pages outside of this cluster – conservative media, WUWT(1), and the climate realism blogosphere.  Instead, Google and Bing/Yahoo operate as amplifiers of climate alarmism.  At closer look, the search engines are not content-neutral. Let us investigate their biases closer.

Everybody that has been observing climate alarmism for the last few years has heard the denunciation of “carbon pollution” (1, 2), claims that “carbon dioxide is public enemy number one” (3), the EPA’s attempts to regulate carbon dioxide, and other statements and attempts of the same spirit. …

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