Brewing Voter Fury Guarantees End to Australia’s Renewable Energy Target

It always comes down to the voters…


Stephen Scherer and the bill that crushed 35 jobs.

Pensioners who can no longer afford power vote.

The adult children of those pensioners vote.

South Australian businessman, Stephen Scherer – owner of Plastic Granulating Services – who was forced to permanently shut the gates on an otherwise profitable business when his power bill went from $80,000 a month to $180,000 a month votes.

The 35 workers who lost their jobs as a result of the above vote.

Families struggling to pay retail power bills rising, year-on-year, by 20% vote.

The hundreds of thousands of workers in mining, mineral processing and heavy industry threatened by rocketing power prices vote.

The thousands of (former and maybe still hopeful) workers in the manufacturing sector whose jobs have already disappeared thanks to rocketing power prices vote.

We could go on.

The point is that Australia’s so-called ‘energy crisis’ was as perfectly predictable, as it…

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