Clueless: Australia’s Renewable Energy Disaster Deepens as Energy Minister, Josh Frydenberg Fudges & Fumbles


So, like, my RET only adds $3bn a year to Australian
power bills and they still go up, huh? I just don’t get it?

On the battlefield for Australia’s wealth and future economic prosperity, the forces have been divided between those pushing for the retention of the suicidal renewable energy policies that have all but crippled Australian business – particularly energy hungry businesses, like mining, manufacturing and mineral processing – and those hoping to bring an end to the lunacy, keen to save what’s left of industry and the meaningful jobs and wealth thus created.

As with any historic battle, the words and puroprted wisdom of the protagonists become etched in stone: pored over by analysts, critics and historians for eons to come.

The battle for Australia’s economic future is not yet lost. However, with power costs to businesses tripling in just on two years, year-on-year retail power increases of…

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