The Fantasy of Running On Sunshine & Breezes: Why Wind & Solar Power Are So Utterly Pointless:


Fun. But not real…

After a generation of claiming to be not only competitive with, but cheaper than, every form of conventional generation there is, wind and large-scale solar generators are still unable to wean themselves off the massive stream subsidies that created their so-called ‘industries’ – simply because, without those subsidies – coupled with mandated targets and punitive fines on retailers forcing them to take their skittish wares – there is no market for power that cannot be delivered 24 x 365, on demand.

For want of a better phrase, attempting to run sunshine and breezes is patent nonsense.

In this short, sharp piece the Editor of America’s National Economics Editorial makes precisely that point.

72.8% Of World’s Renewable Energy Is Made By Burning Wood & Dung—20x More Than Wind & Solar Energy
National Economics Editorial
The Editor
28 June 2017

Renewable energy advocates have claimed for decades…

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