South Australia’s Wind Power Nightmare Contagious: Power Pricing & Supply Calamity Spreads


Among other descriptions, the power pricing and supply calamity that is South Australia has been referred to as the ‘canary in the coal mine’, the consequence of its hell-for-leather renewable energy experiment.

The ‘canary in the coal mine’ was, of course, destined to be sacrificed in order to save underground miners from the perils of hard to detect toxic gas.

In SA the canary snuffed it years ago and what’s left is more of an economic dead duck.

South Australia’s erratic power supply is dominated by 18 wind farms with a notional capacity of 1,698 MW.

Each and every turbine erected in South Australia is the result of the Federal government’s Large-Scale RET.

To satisfy the ultimate 33,000 GWh annual targets set by the LRET, Australia needs to more than double its current renewable energy output. If not, all Australian power consumers will be paying something like $1.5 billion a…

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