RET Protection Racket: PM Puts Retailers on ‘Double Secret Probation’ for Price ‘Gouging’


Australia’s self-inflicted power pricing and supply calamity lunges from the patently absurd to the utterly ridiculous.

In the week just gone, Australia’s patrician and aloof PM, Malcolm Turnbull dragged the heads of Australia’s electricity retailers to Canberra for a shellacking that was supposed to impress Australia’s battered and beleaguered power consumers.

To STT though, the PM’s performance was more political theatre and the veiled threats to retailers reminded STT of the bellicose but witless Dean Vernon Wormer in National Lampoon’s Animal House.

Overwhelmed by the antics of the frat boys from Delta, Dean Wormer doubles down to put them on ‘double secret probation’ (see the video above) – for those with slow internet, the exchange between Wormer and the smarmy, golden-haired suck-up, Greg Marmalard goes like this:

Dean Wormer: Greg, what is the worst fraternity on this campus?

Greg: That would be hard to say, sir. They’re each outstanding…

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