Power Prices in Wind ‘Powered’ South Australia Double the Price of Power in Nuclear Powered France


As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. The picture above speaks volumes about the real cost of wind and solar power to the people that really matter: power consumers.

Before we unpack some of the gems glittering in the power price league table above, we’ll hand over to one of the few Liberal MPs who appreciates the seriousness of Australia’s self-inflicted renewable energy calamity.

Craig Kelly was recently lambasted by members of the wind cult (including one from his very own party) for having the temerity to point out that rocketing power prices are being driven by Australia’s Large-Scale RET, and that one inevitable consequence of that policy was an increase in the number of powerless pensioners who will perish unnecessarily this winter: Australia’s Renewable Energy Disaster Puts Lives at Mortal Risk: More Powerless Pensioners Will Freeze to Death this Winter

Here’s Craig demanding an end to…

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