The Big Steal: ‘Green’-Left Lobby GetUp! Ripping $Millions Off Gullible Power Consumers


Oh, the irony. GetUp!, a hard-green-left lobby group, renowned for running vitriolic viral campaigns by email and social media, has just been caught out helping to rip off unwitting power consumers, to the tune of tens of millions of dollars.

GetUp! has been in the news lately over the sources of its murky financial backing, with questions being asked about wads of cash sent its way from Labor Opposition Leader, Bill Shorten prior to the last Federal election. The hundred thousand or so used to shore up Labor’s electoral prospects has paled into insignificance, compared with the $2 million GetUp! pocketed for directing gullible virtue signalers to a crowd called Powershop.

Powershop presents itself as the only electricity retailer that can supply 100% renewable power to hopeful wind and sun worshippers. And GetUp! helped pump the ruse by promising its followers that they were getting precisely that.

Problem is that…

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