Wisconsin’s Wind Industry Called to Account for Its Victim’s Wholly Unnecessary Suffering


Where a power generation source is of a kind abandoned centuries ago, for pretty obvious reasons – namely, its proven inability to deliver power as and when it’s needed; and which exists, and only exists, by reason of mandates, subsidies, fines and targets, the harm and suffering it causes is wholly unnecessary.

Those that continue to wilfully cause that suffering can be rightfully regarded with utter contempt.

One place where the victims of that malice have turned the tables is Brown County, Wisconsin.

In this story, a number of honest brokers detail the harm caused to neighbours by exposure to incessant, turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound. While a wind industry stooge does his level best to blame everything, except the bubonic plague.

Brown County hosts special meeting on wind turbine health effects
Brown County Citizens for Responsible Wind Energy
Dr. Coussons – Robert Rand – Dr. McCunney – Mark…

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