Wind Industry’s Armageddon: Liberals Join Nationals to Demand an End to Subsidies

Gotta love Tony Abbott!!


Yet again, Judith Sloan tackles the greatest policy disaster of all time, and yet again she hits the bulls-eye.

Clean energy target a non-starter on road to affordable energy
The Australian
Judith Sloan
10 October 2017

You remember the bloke wanting to get to Dublin. He wasn’t in a good place to start his journey. This sums up energy policy in this country.

But here’s the thing: Dublin is affordable and reliable energy and we have to get there as soon as possible. And let’s be specific: we need electricity prices to halve from today’s levels to return to their historical average. This would mean we have electricity prices comparable with the US, for instance. It’s doable.

Luckily on the trip to Dublin, a little bird tells our bloke that the clean energy target is a non-starter as far as the government is concerned. It was always a completely dopey…

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