How the Wind Industry Rigged Noise Rules to Get Away with Murder


In the war against the greatest economic and environmental fraud of all time, few individuals come close to South Australia’s Mary Morris.

Mary’s knowledge of acoustics and understanding of how the wind industry rigged the so-called noise ‘guidelines’ in its favour with the aid of its pet acoustic consultants, is second to none. Here’s Mary being interviewed on ABC radio (bear in mind that Australia’s public broadcaster is wind cult central and its members would rather wash their mouths out with soap, than ever utter a harsh word about their beloveds). The podcast is here, with transcript below:


David Bevan (ABC announcer): Now, in a moment, we are going to talk to a lady, Mary Morris, and she lives at Eudunda. She sent us some emails a while back, concerned about another batch of wind farms north of Adelaide. This if from the Barossa area up through to the…

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