Subsidised Wind & Solar: Guaranteed Path to Rocketing Prices & Blackouts


Australia’s diabolically destructive renewable energy policies have led to rocketing power prices and a grid on the brink of collapse. Australian power consumers currently connected to the Eastern Grid (that connects Queensland, New South Wales, ACT, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania) have no idea just how close they are to watching their first total ‘system black’.

What occurred in South Australia on 1 November 2015 and on 28 September 2016 (see above) and on 8 February 2017 is a foretaste of things to come, across the Eastern Grid (Tasmania excepted – it can pull the plug on Basslink and go it alone with ample hydro power, and gas-fired plant in reserve).

In Australia’s so-called wind power capital, South Australia, during September and early October, the grid manager was forced to intervene five times in six weeks – ordering the owners of idle gas-fired plant to fire them up and run them…

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