Counting the Cost of Subsidised Wind Power: Some Basic Facts


The generation that have come to worship wind and solar power operate in a fact and consequence free zone, where logic and reason were bound and gagged from the beginning.

Their finest trait is their ability to shift the narrative, when troublesome facts – like blackouts caused by wind power output collapses and rocketing power bills – hit the headlines. Blame Tony Abbott, blame a right-wing conspiracy, blame STT, blame the weather, but never ever shall thy speak a word in anger against wind and solar power.

This collection of facts is of the kind that would make the heads of these precious snowflakes explode. The analysis is from the UK, but the fundamentals are applicable wherever the wind industry plies its subsidy soaked trade. Be sure to share them with wind and sun worshippers, wherever they congregate.

Wind Power–Some Basic Facts
Not a Lot of People Know That

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