Rescuing South Australia from its Self-Inflicted Renewable Disaster Costs Taxpayers $550m


Listen. Do you want to know my secret? Do you promise not to tell?

Desperation is a stinky cologne and South Australia’s vapid Premier, Jay Weatherill is drenched in it.

With an election in March, and terrified that another wind power output collapse will deliver another mass load shedding event or statewide blackout, Weatherill plugged into a mega-battery supplied by Elon musk for a cool $150 million, that would provide the state with power for all of four minutes.

And, true to his ‘green’ street-cred, he lined up 276MW worth of diesel fuelled jet engines (Open Cycle Gas/Diesel Turbines) for a figure believed to be north of $400 million. Although Jay is being pretty coy about the cost to South Australia’s taxpayers.

Cost of diesel generators to remain a secret
The Australian
Michael Owen
11 December 2017

As Victoria prepares to install 100 emergency diesel generators to bolster power stocks…

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