America’s Wind Industry Doomed as Republicans Back Cheap, Reliable Coal & Nuclear


Honey, looks like it’s going to be the day after tomorrow…

As a first world energy source, there’s only one problem with wind power: and that would be the W-I-N-D.

The United States of America didn’t become the richest and most powerful Nation on earth running on sunshine and breezes.

To become the industrial juggernaut and technological master that it is, Americans burnt mountains of the black stuff; harnessed nuclear energy early and on a grand scale; and, more recently, thanks to its shale oil/gas revolution, profited from plummeting gas and electricity prices, rekindling manufacturing and industry at a point when millions of American blue-collar jobs were under threat.

On average, Americans pay 15 cents per KWh for power, which compares rather favourably with the prices suffered in Australia’s wind power capital, South Australia: at 47 cents per KWh, South Australians pay more than three times the cost paid by…

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