Australia’s Power Pricing & Supply Calamity Proves Promise of Cheap Renewable Power a Cruel Hoax

Reality… Something the windpushers are not fond of, at all!


Chasing the dream of cheap and reliable ‘clean/green’ wind and solar power has turned out more like an LSD-fuelled Unicorn hunt.

Any idiot can make a promise, but delivering is altogether another matter.

The wind industry and its few remaining champions keep telling us that, one day soon, magical forces will align and power prices will plummet. Instead, however, as more and more intermittent and unreliable wind power gets added to the grid, retail power prices keep on rocketing.

It wasn’t the fact that Boy Who Cried Wolf told a lie that led to his demise: his grisly end came after telling the same lie – twice.

Which is why the wind industry in Australia is about to come unstuck.

Having been belted by a 20% year-on-year power price increase back in July, Australian power consumers can expect a whole lot worse to come.

One reason is that power generator/retailers…

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