Ontario’s Wind Power Obsession Punishing Thousands: 390,000 Families Struggling to Pay Power Bills & 58,000 Disconnected


Kathleen Wynne’s Plan delivers misery to the poorest & most vulnerable.

To the poorest and most vulnerable, power prices really do matter. Wherever governments have determined to throw billions of dollars in subsidies at intermittent wind and solar power, power prices have rocketed and the poor suffer.

In renewables obsessed Australia, 42,000 families now suffer from the modern phenomenon of ‘energy property’ (see our post here).

Families either struggle to pay power bills – forced to make a choice between heating or eating; or, unable to pay those bills, retailers simply chop them from the grid.

Bear in mind that this is all for the ‘greater good’ and, as we’re told repeatedly, it’s an ‘inevitable transition’, just like the Internet. Except that people can live meaningful and comfortable lives without the Internet. However, deprive them of affordable electricity and their lives become a constant, grinding misery. Here’s a take…

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