Germany’s Wind & Solar Power FAIL: Top Economist Declares Energiewende “Delusional”


Wherever in the world governments have shackled their energy policies to nature’s ‘wonder fuels’, the sun and wind, it doesn’t take long for their constituents to enter a state of mortified panic as they recognise that their economic futures have been sacrificed to an obsessive cult-like ideology.

Because so much money was in the offing for those who played ball, very few boffins or bureaucrats were ready to call the renewables scam for what it is: the greatest economic and environmental fraud of all time.

However, as it becomes evident that the RE Emperor is only adorned in the clothes he was born in, it’s not only battered business owners and householders being crushed by rocketing power prices terrified of where this lunacy ends, those who understand how economies work are equally unnerved. At least in Germany.

Major Blow To ‘Energiewende’ As Top German Economist Shows Plan Can Never Work!

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