PSST! Want to Wreck Your Economy? Just Add Heavily Subsidised & Chaotically Intermittent Wind Power


You can wreck a first world economy in a heartbeat by relying on heavily subsidised and chaotically delivered wind and solar power.

Australia is well on the way to doing just that, and South Australia managed to destroy all vestige of private enterprise (we don’t count Commonwealth defence contracts, State make-work construction schemes and otherwise sucking on the taxpayer’s teat) in less than 15 years.

The chaos delivered by wind (see above) and solar has been met with plenty of talk about mega-batteries and pumped hydro. But that kind of talk don’t come cheap. SA’s Premier stumped up $150m of taxpayer’s money for a 100 MW battery that could power his little backwater for all of 4 minutes.

Then there’s the fevered talk about Snowy 2.0. Likely to cost around $10 billion and take a generation to build, with AGL getting back into coal, rather than out of…

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