Industrialised Landscapes & Battered Communities Drive German Backlash Against Big Wind


Germany’s wind power obsession has turned picture postcard landscapes into alien, industrial war zones – of the kind dreamt up by futurist HG Wells.

In the beginning, carpetbaggers, rent seekers and their eco-zealot, shock troops sold the ‘transition’ to an all wind and sun powered future as an ecological idyll. Except, the reality has fallen well short of the original pitch.

German communities, just like those everywhere else, are angry at watching their property values plummet; homes made unlivable, due to the constant bombardment of wind turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound; and real environmentalists are furious at the destruction of ancient forests, and the carnage meted out to a menagerie of birds, bats and other critters, made homeless by the destruction of their habitats. All, of course, to ‘save’ the planet.

In short, what seemed like a good idea at the time, has turned into a daily nightmare for…

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