Monash Forum: Rattles Renewables Rent Seekers with Threat to Endless Subsidies


Craig Kelly: a man with a plan.

In a little over 15 years, Australia has gone from an energy superpower to an international joke. Power prices are rocketing, and its Eastern Grid is on the brink of collapse. All for the sake of a pointless, ideological obsession with wind and solar power.

Thankfully, a solid rump of 30 Liberal and National Federal MPs are determined to turn the mess around. Their Monash Forum has started with a plan to restore affordable and reliable power which, up to now, Australians have justifiably seen as their birthright. As that baseballer/philosopher, Yogi Bera put it: “If you don’t know where you are going, you will probably end up some where else.” Here’s Alan Moran with a little roadmap on where the Monash Forum is headed.

Energy policy takes center stage
Catallaxy Files
Alan Moran
9 April 2018

The action is getting hotter on…

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