Renewables Reckoning: Close Coal-Fired Power Plants & Watch Power Prices Rocket


Adding massively subsidised and chaotically delivered wind and solar to a power grid is guaranteed to send power prices through the roof (see above).

Witness a little economic backwater called South Australia which – due to a maniacal obsession with sunshine and breezes – suffers the highest retail power prices in the world, routine load shedding and mass blackouts. SA is now synonymous with unhinged, ideological renewable energy zealotry.

Part of the reason for the rocketing power prices in SA, was the destruction of its reliable Port Augusta coal-fired power plant, which was dynamited last year, to squeals of delight from its deluded Premier, Jay Weatherill.

Renewables rent seekers and those that spruik for them have lately taken to running a line that coal-fired power is both unreliable and expensive. Yes, they either believe it, or they need to, because their subsidy-soaked existence depends upon it.

Meanwhile, back on Earth…

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