Black Plague: Wind Turbine Construction Turning Ontario’s Water Supply to Toxic Sludge


It’s not just that the wind industry is destroying Ontario’s water supplies that peeves people, it’s that they continue to lie about it.

Those searching for a universally hospitable and polite group of people, need look no further than Canadians, and the industrious rural folk of Ontario, are no exception.

These are the farming communities that leave their front doors unlocked, lend their farm equipment to neighbours in need, without being asked, and otherwise rub along without so much as a grumble. They tend to take people at face value, give them the benefit of the doubt, and don’t expect to be lied to and treated with naked contempt.

With those attributes in mind, you’d be hard pressed to find a more undeserving group of victims of corporate greed and tyranny, than Ontario’s farmers. But, so it is.

Over the last few months, STT has reported several times on how…

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