Death’s Icy Grip: Climate Change Won’t Kill Granny, But Climate Change Policies Do


Children as young as five are now taught to fear global warming in the way their mean uncles once terrified them with tales of ghosts and bogeymen, in days gone past.

Hysterical and overblown claims that runaway climate change is about to kill your granny are only half wrong: what’s likely to do the old dear in, isn’t a change in the weather; it’s climate change policies that are going to freeze her solid and send her to an early grave.

Cold weather is, indeed, a killer.

In Britain, as elsewhere, up to now the antidote has been affordable energy. However, an obsession with massively subsidised, weather dependent wind power has removed that remedy from the reach of all too many on low and fixed incomes; especially old age pensioners.

Over the last few summers, Australians have watched the elderly suffer and perish, unable to afford to run air-conditioners during…

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