Renewables Rent-Seeker Round-Up: Time to Shame the Bad, the Worse & the Ugly


The next generation of Australians will be eager to string up those responsible for turning an energy superpower into an international joke.

Coal, gas and uranium rich Australia shouldn’t be paying the highest power prices in the world; and it shouldn’t be cutting power to businesses and hospitals during hot weather, when demand spikes and the wind stops blowing. The renewable energy cult calls that ‘demand management’ or even ‘demand resources’, as if chopping your business or home from the grid is like striking oil or gas.

All those dismal features of Australia’s self-inflicted power pricing and supply calamity are the natural product of an obsession with sunshine and breezes.

Peter Mitchell, one of the founding members of the Waubra Foundation, is eager to start the roundup early, with a name and shame list of the renewables rent seekers, and those in government who pander to them, most…

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