Threat to Endless Subsidies Sends Australia’s Renewable Energy Companies Into Meltdown

Turn the money taps off, and the wind-weasels will scurry away!


Wind and solar power were both founded on lies and myth, and can only exist when and where massive subsidies are practically perpetual.

Now that it’s become impossible for them to hide the obvious relationship between intermittent wind and solar and rocketing power prices and grid instability, the pleading to maintain the subsidies that sustain them, has gone from the usual sanctimonious bleating to an apoplectic, maniacal rage.

For all their talk about being competitive (even cheaper) than fossil-fuelled generation sources, the merest hint of tinkering with their subsidy stream sends them into orbit.

Here’s a nice little roundup of their latest internally inconsistent rantings from the team at JoNova.

Renewable snowflake investors false tears for “certainty” (Gimmedat guaranteed income!) – When investors cry for certainty, what they really want is “no risks” and “your money”
Jo Nova Blog
Jo Nova
7 May 2018

The renewables industry only exists because of…

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