Affordable Energy Wars: Australian MPs Determined to End Subsidies to Wind & Solar


Pro-progress General: Monash lit up Victoria.

The solution to Australia’s self-inflicted energy calamity involves a battle between deluded zealots and pragmatic realists.

In the former camp sits Audrey Zibelman (head of AEMO) and Kerry Schott (head of the Energy Security Board), along with a band of equally deluded fellow travellers. In the latter, it’s the 30 or so Liberal and National MPs in the Monash Forum who are leading the charge, at least at the political level.

STT hears that the members of the Monash Forum ripped into PM, Malcolm Turnbull and his hapless sidekick, Josh Frydenberg during last week’s Liberal/National party-room meeting.

Some of what was dished up is laid out in the article from The Australian below.

Tony Abbott blasts Turnbull’s ‘anti-coal’ energy chiefs
The Australian
Greg Brown
22 May 2018

Tony Abbott, a leading member of the Coalition’s pro-coal ­Monash Forum, has lashed out at Malcolm Turnbull’s…

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