RE Regrets: Germany Laments its ‘Transition’ to Wind & Solar


When it comes to wind and solar, no country went harder or faster than Germany. As they say though, act in haste, repent at your leisure.

A grid on the brink of collapse and rocketing power prices is all that Germans have to show for their obsession about powering themselves with daily sunshine and occasional breezes.

Now, their economic leadership is taking a different approach to the debacle.

The latest wheeze is that as soon as one country (ie Germany) sets out to destroy its once reliable and affordable power supplies, every other country is bound to join the circus.

Working on the basis that every country should suffer from a costly and inefficient electricity supply, it’s a little like being forced to run in a three-legged race; the sporting spectacle where competitors are hobbled together in order that they all might fail together. No one gets ahead, so everyone…

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