Energy Minister Delivers Killer-Blow to Australian Industry: Mass Power Cuts Now Formal Government Policy


A few of SA’s ‘demand resources’ preparing for duty.

An obsession with the ‘unreliables’ – wind and solar – has destroyed Australia’s once reliable and affordable power supply. Consistent with that theme, Australia’s Energy Minister has just given the two fingered salute to Australian business.

Josh Frydenberg is pushing a National Energy Guarantee which (as pointed out in last night’s post) could have at least restored reliability to a grid on the brink of collapse. However, the NEG has been rewritten by eco-zealots and renewable energy rent-seekers, to their advantage.

In the document Frydenberg is using to promote it – Draft National Energy Guarantee – you’ll find plenty of babble about carbon dioxide emissions, but almost nothing about reliability or price.

One of the NEG’s key elements (as promoted by Frydenberg) is what’s called ‘demand resources’ aka ‘demand management’. These aren’t ‘resources’ in the sense of having some commodity…

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