Crunch Time: Australia’s Self-Inflicted Energy Crisis Demands End to Wind & Solar Subsidies


What’s missing from Australia’s self-inflicted energy crisis, is reason and common sense. When you’ve dug yourself into a hole, the first remedial action is to stop digging.

Instead, Australia has a PM, Malcolm Turnbull and an Energy Minister, Josh Frydenberg, determined to wreck every last vestige of productive industry and enterprise in this country, while punishing households with the highest power prices in the world.

That determination is evidenced by their continual pandering to renewable energy rent-seekers and the eco-zealots that worship them.

Frydenberg is peddling his National Energy Guarantee, with all the grinning verve of a vaudeville showman.

Telling lies about power prices having already fallen (when, in fact, retail prices have jumped between 20 and 24% in those states reliant on renewables); and making ludicrous promises that, by increasing wind and solar capacity, power prices will plummet, further still.

As we’ve pointed out plenty of times before, adding…

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