Politics of Power: Spiralling Power Prices Signal End for Wind & Solar Subsidies


In Australia, nothing stops a barbecue like the topic of ever spiralling power prices. Across the country, retail power prices have been rising at double-digit rates for the last four years: across the NEM States and the ACT retail power prices have increased between 13 and 28% – year-on-year – over the last three years.

More than 200,000 households struggled through winter without electricity. For RE zealots, though, freezing someone else’s granny to death is all part of the ‘inevitable transition’ to an all-wind and sun powered future. It is, after all, all for the greater good.

Renewable energy rent seekers and the eco-zealots who run interference for them, are living in desperate times.

They’re being forced to ramp up the usual string of lies, in order to deflect attention from the bleeding obvious: adding heavily subsidised and chaotically intermittent wind and solar has driven Australian power prices through…

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