RE Fails During Heatwave: Wind & Solar Obsession Leaves Californians Sweltering in the Dark


The wind stopped blowing …

Plug your energy needs into the sun and wind and expect plenty of disappointment, especially when it counts.

Renewable energy zealots always talk a ‘big game’ – perpetually raving about how this wind farm or that sea of solar panels will ‘power’ hundreds of thousands of homes, for free, forever.

Then the sun sets and/or calm weather sets in.

At about which time, RE dreamers join everybody else, freezing or boiling, in the dark.

Some might call it equality of opportunity. Others might call it the consequence of being beguiled by a bizarre, millennial cult.

South Australians know what it is to swelter in 42°C heat, without lights or the benefit of that first world luxury, air-conditioning – thanks to their former Labor government’s ludicrous attempt to run on sunshine and breezes: South Australia Powerless (Again): Sudden 1,000MW Wind Power Output Collapse Leaves 90,000 Families…

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