Highland Habitat Destruction: Scots Wild About Wind Farms Wiping Out Endangered Wildcats


Wind weasels wipe wildcats from Clashindarroch Forest
(image courtesy Wildcat Haven)

For the modern eco-zealot green hypocrisy knows no limit. A generation back, eco-warriors would go to war over the slaughter of a few furry seals and the odd, lumbering whale destined for Japanese dinner tables, and would weep for days over the loss of a single oil-soaked cormorant or pelican.

These days, those that parade as protectors of the planet couldn’t care less about the critters that inhabit it (they reserve special contempt for their own bipedal contemporaries).

The pointless slaughter of millions and birds and bats is met with a shrug and millennial indifference. Provided, of course, that the assailant was in the process of lovingly caressing energy from nature’s other wonder fuel.

When we say pointless, we mean pointless. Generating power around 30% of the time, based on mother nature’s dictates, rather than the dictates of…

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