Turnbull Trounced: RE Obsessed PM Ditched Over Ludicrous Plan to Double-Up on Subsidised Wind & Solar


Revolt by Dutton’s 40 consigns wind & solar obsessed PM to history.

Malcolm Turnbull’s demise resulted from his delusional claims that doubling wind and solar would slash rocketing Australian power prices.

Like the Boy Who Cried Wolf, the ex-PM’s problem didn’t result from telling a lie, he was done in by telling the same like twice.

Turnbull and his gormless Energy Minister, Josh Frydenberg may have even believed their own hubris? However, a group of 10 Liberal and National MPs (soon known as the ‘rebels’) believed otherwise.

They were on pretty firm ground: they only needed to remind onlookers of the disaster that’s played out in wind and solar obsessed South Australia – the place World renowned for mass load shedding and statewide blackouts, as well as suffering the highest retail power prices, in the world.

What started out as an insurgency, turned into a full-scale revolt: the ‘terrible’ 10…

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