New PM’s Top Priority: Morrison Must Slash Subsidies to Intermittent Wind & Solar, Right Now


I swear, that the days of subsidised wind and solar are over.

New PM, Scott Morrison must slash subsidies to renewables now to tame the 40 rebel MPs who crushed wind and solar obsessed Malcolm Turnbull.

The 40 MPs who forced Turnbull to walk the plank, will do exactly the same to Morrison if he fails to arrest Australia’s out-of-control energy crisis, starting right now.

Morrison’s first task is to stop listening to his gormless Deputy, Josh Frydenberg (now Treasurer) who, as Energy Minister promoted the National Energy Guarantee – which turned into a political quagmire and, ultimately, led to Turnbull’s crushing downfall.

Morrison also needs to stop listening for the so-called energy experts and the renewable energy rent seekers who, together, hijacked the NEG and turned it into the RET on steroids.

The biggest clowns in the circus, Audrey Zibelman, Kerry Schott and Chloe Munro came up with ridiculous…

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