Renewable Energy Zealots Furious: Australia’s New PM Determined to Slash Wind & Solar Subsidies and Exit Paris Climate ‘Deal’


Ever rocketing power prices were what scuttled Australia’s suicidal renewable energy policies. The National Energy Guarantee was an effort to expand (exponentially) and extend (indefinitely) Australia’s already crippling Large-Scale Renewable Energy Target.

A mixture of hubris and overreach by those championing the NEG – which included the ex-PM (we seem to recall his name was Turnbull or Trumble or something like that?) – meant that the policy that was meant to save wind and solar in Australia, has ended in tears.

Claiming that doubling the capacity of subsidised wind and solar would lead to 1970’s power prices, the AEMO’s Audrey Zibelman and her co-conspirators called in an airstrike on their own position. You see, everyone, almost everywhere, has heard of South Australia.

The NEG is dead (STT certified it is a corpse weeks ago). The new PM, Scott Morrison gets the pleasure of plunging a stake through its heart, on…

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