Energy Minister – Angus Taylor: Subsidised Wind & Solar ‘Virtue Signalling with Other People’s Money’


In a moment, we’ll all hold hands and pray to the Wind Gods.

The world was overrun by insanely costly and chaotically intermittent wind and solar, thanks to an endless stream of other people’s money.

Preaching the gospel about nature’s wonder fuels, isn’t simply about moral posturing and virtue signalling. It’s also about separating taxpayers and power consumers from their hard-earned: over the life of the Federal government’s Large-Scale Renewable Energy Target, the greatest state-sanctioned defalcation in history will cost power consumers more than $60 billion.

But the consequences of all that moralising at other people’s expense, aren’t just financial.

The result of the subsidies (which give wind and solar preferential access to the grid) and the inherently chaotic delivery of wind and solar has placed Australia’s Eastern Grid on the brink of collapse. This summer is guaranteed to result in mass blackouts and routine load shedding, every…

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