Torture Earns Subsidies


Except for warfare, our society does not tolerate machinery that damages the public. In the case of wind projects the non-impacted public has been led to believe that harm done by wind projects is not real and therefore needs no correction.

The Minister for Energy, Angus Taylor, is focussed on energy costs. Those matters are discussed in our post: Dealing with Excessive Power Costs.

It was noted when Taylor took on the Ministry, that health matters deriving from wind turbines would not be the Minister’s responsibility.

This is a pity.

We know that wind turbines are unsafe and cause considerable and lasting damage to neighbours. There is some debate whether the word torture fits the repetitive and severe impact on some country residents.

The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines Torture is the infliction of severe bodily pain with the addition of the words “especially as a punishment or a means of…

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