Staggering Cost: Offshore Wind Power 25 Times More Expensive Than Coal, Gas & Nuclear


Wind power is utterly pointless on every level, having been abandoned centuries ago for pretty obvious reasons, starting with the weather.

The oft heard retort from those fighting the prospect of wind turbines being speared into their backyards, is “why don’t they put them offshore?” These are the characters who are simply too gutless to openly criticise renewables, lest they be attacked as “tin-foil hat wearing climate deniers”, “flat-earthers” and NIMBYS.

The last of those charges is well-deserved. The rest, though, is just the kind of mean-spirited denigration we’ve come to expect from members of the wind cult. There is no real logical argument to support wind power, so they’re reduced to ad hominem attacks on those who stand as obstacles to our purportedly ‘inevitable transition’ to an all wind and sun powered future. [Note to Ed: why don’t they simply ask them how that’s panned out in South Australia?]

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