Hot Stuff: Instead of Cooling the Planet, Harvard Studies Find Wind Turbines Raise Local Temperatures by 1.5°C


As the mantra has it, wind turbines are the perfect panacea for rising temperatures. Panic has spread about the planet’s temperature rising a couple of notches (apparently an increase of just 1.5°C means instant disaster and pumping it up by 2°C means an irreversible catastrophe).

Now it seems that these things are playing their part in adjusting temperatures, but not in the manner hoped for or predicted.

Study after study shows local nighttime temperatures rising by as much as 1.5°C, wherever these things are operating.

None of this would come as a surprise to grape and fruit growers who, in chillier climes, use frost fans in their vineyards and orchards to stir up the air at nighttime to prevent frosts ruining their crops.

The climate cult is driven by a (clearly burning) desire to spear millions of these things into everyone else’s backyards (not theirs, of course). So, instead of…

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