Delusional NSW Energy Minister Claims Wind & Solar More Reliable Than Coal & Gas


Australia’s power pricing and supply calamity is down to greedy renewable energy rent seekers aided and abetted by pliant and gullible politicians. And, on the latter score, there’s none more so than the NSW Energy Minister, Don Harwin.

Harwin, a sanctimonious windbag, is part of a small and insidious clique of Liberal politicians and lobbyists heavily invested in the renewable energy scam. His recent unhinged rantings sound more like what might be heard at a Green party RE love in, rather than what should be emanating from a Minister in a notionally conservative government, claiming the pretense of caring about industry, jobs and growth.

Among the complete and utter nonsense spouted about Australia’s self-inflicted energy debacle, Harwin made the ludicrous statement that wind and solar are more reliable than the conventional generation sources, gas and coal. Perhaps the sun never sets on Harwin? And he can never have seen a…

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