America Unleashed: Growing Rural Anger Sees More US States Ban New Wind Power Projects


Callously wrecking rural communities, it’s no wonder that big wind is struggling in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

While a few utterly deluded Democrats are keen to take Americans down the rabbit hole, with claims that an all wind and sun powered future is just a heartbeat away (for the truly faithful, that is) – numerous States in the US are resisting in grand style.

Americans tend to take democracy as a raw and heady brew, and participate in a manner that often leads to immediate and lasting results.

Rather than let wind power outfits destroy their idyllic communities forever, rural Americans started fighting back early, and hard.

The result has been a series of brilliant successes: numerous states have balked at new wind projects and several have effectively banned new wind projects, outright. Proving that well-organised and well-disciplined campaigns have the prospect of…

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