Insane Storage Cost Mean Batteries No Solution to Chaotic Wind Power Delivery


As the mob rumbles the fact that wind and solar can’t replace conventional generators, RE zealots can only mutter about ‘mega-batteries’.

Mass load shedding in Victoria and South Australia – following dramatic collapses in wind power outputleft hundreds of thousands sweltering and fuming at just what’s been done to our once reliable and affordable power supply.

The chaotic delivery of wind and solar is said to have its solution in enormous lithium-ion batteries, of the kind peddled by Californian carpetbagger, Elon Musk. He managed to offload one unit in wind power obsessed, South Australia, collected $150 million, and was never seen again.

Here’s Donn Dears dealing with the insane cost of redelivering trivial amounts of electricity using Musk’s mega-battery.

Four Minutes for $150 million
Power For USA
Donn Dears
15 January 2019

South Australia installed battery storage supplied by Musk for an estimated cost of $150 million.


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