Totally ‘Gored’: Texan Town Pays Heavy Price for 100% Wind & Solar Vanity Project


Keen to pay ridiculous amounts for power in an act of pointless vanity? – get your town to go 100% wind & solar. Georgetown, Texas did and its 71,000 citizens are paying a heavy price.

Despite the hype, the town isn’t being exclusively powered by sunshine and breezes; quietly and ever so hypocritically the town continues to tap into Texas’s gas and nuclear powered grid – whenever the sun sets and/or calm weather sets in.

Worse still, no doubt feeling shortchanged on the promise of their ‘virtuous’ all wind and solar future, the folk in Georgetown are being walloped with power prices multiples greater than their neighbours.

Seven years ago, when it all began, a former presidential hopeful had applauded Georgetown’s push for ‘moral’ supremacy. However, these days though its residents must now appreciate what it feels like to be thoroughly ‘Gored’.

Texas town’s environmental narcissism makes Al Gore happy…

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