Suicide Road: Australia’s Renewable Energy Crisis Threatens Thousands of Well-Paid Jobs


RET renders Australia’s mineral processors a critically endangered species.

An obsession with renewables sent power prices into orbit, destroying thousands of manufacturing jobs. Farmers irrigating crops and vines and milking cows, aquaculture outfits rearing abalone and finfish, mineral processors and miners are next.

The relationship between having reliable and affordable electricity and sustaining profitable enterprise is entirely lost on Labor and the Greens. Although, among their number, there are plenty who would merrily destroy capitalism in a heartbeat, given the chance.

On the notionally conservative side, the Liberals are divided between bed-wetters, who presume that voters are ready to destroy their country from within and a handful of sensible souls, like Craig Kelly, ready to die in a ditch to deliver meaningful employment to Australians, by way of the reliable and affordable energy, business depends on.

A timely blast from former Deputy PM, Barnaby Joyce (a National) – demanding…

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