German Obsession with Wind & Solar Means Power Prices Set To Keep Skyrocketing


Germany’s renewable energy transition is an unmitigated disaster: 5 million households are struggling to pay their power bills and 340,000 have been cut from the grid, because they can’t.

The push towards a mythical all wind and sun powered future continues apace. Notwithstanding it’s a technical and physical impossibility. Germans happily drain nuclear power generated by their French neighbours and quietly rely upon dozens of their own coal-fired power plants.

The grid and market chaos that comes with the attempt to run on sunshine and breezes has already sent power prices into orbit. And the situation can only get worse.

Here’s Pierre Gosselin with more on Germany’s unfolding energy calamity.

German Power Prices Set To Keep Skyrocketing In 2019 Due To 50 Billion Euros Annually In Grid And Feed-In Levies
No Tricks Zone
Pierre Gosselin
16 April 2019

According to German online business daily Handelsblatt here, German electricity are set…

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